Monday, February 29, 2016

Color Scheme Dreams

Color themes are an important decision because a lot of choices depend on them. Though I have a basic ideas for my wedding colors (purple, green, blue) it can be helpful to have a more in depth approach.

Some wedding planning sites allow you to do a color scheme generator. This is mine from Wedding Wire. However, you only get to select your main color from a few options, and then your choices are limited to their few offers.

So, I created the following color schemes based on places and things that are very relaxing and special to me. Though it may shock some of you, I used Paint (which can be found on nearly every computer: new and old) to pick out my favorite colors found within these pictures.

I love the simple elegance of lavender fields. Purple is a very soothing color for me, and this beauty do not disappoint.

Purple bearded irises are my favorite flower, and I intend to have them on display throughout the wedding. These are some of my favorite colors found within the iris.

I enjoy being in the woods, this is a very relaxing location for me; some may call the woods my "happy place." We will be wed outside, hopefully in a certain meaningful clearing surrounded by woodland. These are some of my favorite colors that I found here.

If the woods aren't where you get inspired, then perhaps a bare-foot walk along the beach could relax your senses?
Beach + Sunset = Romance *swoon*
Throw in some purple hues.
And mix it all together

What places are special to you, and how can you incorporate them into your wedding? May you have a happily ever after!

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