Monday, September 26, 2016

Vroom Vroom!

There is nothing like the sight of a classic getaway car zooming off into the distance to top off a beautiful day. If cars just aren't your thing, and you decide to just use your normal car, don't be disappointed. There are many ways for your loved ones to spruce up your set of wheels with glass paint, stickers, and the infamous tin can. :)

But if you decide to rent a hot rod (new or old), then here are a few of my favorite options. These beauties will steal the show, so buckle your belt, and off you go!

You could opt for a new sports car. Though there are plenty of them out there, you may have to pay a pretty penny to have one imported if they have not crossed the pond yet.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this lovely carriage. This option would be perfect for an area where automobiles do not fit or are not allowed.

Another option is the horseless carriage, like one of these models from the early years of automobiles.

A little bit newer, but still with that classy feel is this beauty.

Using an old truck would also be a fun vehicle to depart the scene in.

Moving up through the years we enter the age of the muscle car.

Enter the retro van.

And don't forget this Bug!

There are so many options for getaway cars, but whatever you choose- may it take you down the road of your happily ever after!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Where's Where? (and the rest of the signs)

As guests get closer to the ceremony site, to clarify where the ceremony and the reception are could ensure that guests get where they need to go.

When approaching the ceremony seating area there is often a lot of things going on. There's traditionally a picture display, a guest book, a seating plan, decorations and sometimes a gift table. Also appropriate for the entry area is a sign welcoming guests to your wedding.

Also, if you are ditching the programs in favor of one large sign, the Order of Events signage would be useful to have at the entrance so that guests are fully aware of how and when things are happening.

Another great sign to have out front, if you are being non-traditional, would be that which declares that either side of the aisle is up for grabs.

Whether you have the card box at the ceremony or reception or both a handy sign will make sure guests know this is the spot for gifts and cards.

Some couples ask guests to keep their phones hidden during the ceremony, but others fully embrace the modern trend of #instagram. If you're the latter, giving your guests your official wedding hashtag will make finding all your friends' and families' pictures that much easier.

Once inside the ceremony, signs can be helpful to mark certain sections off for close family and loved ones who will be escorted in, to ensure their seats are available when they get to the front.

At the reception, you can direct youngsters to the kid's table with this cute sign.

If you decided to get rid of the program, the reception hall would be a great place to display a thank for all of your important friends and family members that helped you through the process and every guest that attended your happy occasion.

Lastly, merely for decoration, and as yet another declaration of your love for each other you could display signs with various scripture and quotes.

Though signs are very fun and handy, I wish you a life-long love so obvious that no signage is necessary!

Monday, September 12, 2016

What's What?

If you are serving something common, then this may not be entirely necessary (though still cute and fun), but if you are serving something unique or complex, then signs may be helpful.

Most of the time, people recognize water, tea, and lemonade, but if you have beverages that are different a sign can be helpful when choosing a drink.

For a full blown meal, a menu is handy so guests can start making their dinner choices early to help the catering go off without a hitch.

If the guests have to go through a line to build their own meal, an idea of what's ahead can help smooth the food table flow.

When given multiple options where flavor is difficult to tell (like these yummy looking cupcakes), a little sign can do wonders to help guests make up their minds.

Lastly, and most important, if you are serving food with ingredients that people are commonly allergic to (like peanuts, milk, soy, fish, etc.) then displaying a sign with a short list of ingredients would be helpful to keep medical emergencies at bay. And if the food is complex then this would also give guests a better idea of the flavors.

And there you have it- a reason to make more signs! :) Wishing you all a happily ever after!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Who's Who?

Not that anyone needs name tags to figure out that the bride and groom are sitting at the head table, but the signs are adorable and I think this would be a cute addition to any head seats.

You have your classic 'Mr.' and 'Mrs.' signs, and there are plenty of renditions of this type of sign.

There is the simple '&' sign that leaves the obvious unspoken.

You can branch out a little and go with 'bride and groom' signs.

And there's always 'husband and wife'.

Or go full boar into fun phrases and sayings, like this ever popular 'better together' set.

Or this 'forever' set.

A slightly different, but entirely beautiful 'forever and always' set.

Followed closely by this 'One' and 'Only' set.

And you can use terms for one another that may go with your theme. For instance, if you have a nautical theme this 'Captain' and 'First Mate' set would be perfect.

I also love this Star Wars inspired set.

And of course this Harry Potter based set.

This song also offers a beautiful display of love.

And last, but not least, I certainly wish all of you a...