Monday, September 19, 2016

Where's Where? (and the rest of the signs)

As guests get closer to the ceremony site, to clarify where the ceremony and the reception are could ensure that guests get where they need to go.

When approaching the ceremony seating area there is often a lot of things going on. There's traditionally a picture display, a guest book, a seating plan, decorations and sometimes a gift table. Also appropriate for the entry area is a sign welcoming guests to your wedding.

Also, if you are ditching the programs in favor of one large sign, the Order of Events signage would be useful to have at the entrance so that guests are fully aware of how and when things are happening.

Another great sign to have out front, if you are being non-traditional, would be that which declares that either side of the aisle is up for grabs.

Whether you have the card box at the ceremony or reception or both a handy sign will make sure guests know this is the spot for gifts and cards.

Some couples ask guests to keep their phones hidden during the ceremony, but others fully embrace the modern trend of #instagram. If you're the latter, giving your guests your official wedding hashtag will make finding all your friends' and families' pictures that much easier.

Once inside the ceremony, signs can be helpful to mark certain sections off for close family and loved ones who will be escorted in, to ensure their seats are available when they get to the front.

At the reception, you can direct youngsters to the kid's table with this cute sign.

If you decided to get rid of the program, the reception hall would be a great place to display a thank for all of your important friends and family members that helped you through the process and every guest that attended your happy occasion.

Lastly, merely for decoration, and as yet another declaration of your love for each other you could display signs with various scripture and quotes.

Though signs are very fun and handy, I wish you a life-long love so obvious that no signage is necessary!

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