Monday, August 29, 2016

Head-Over-Heels Tables

Now it's time to talk about the King of the Table Nation: The Head Table.

Decorum for this table should match the other tables in theme, but should also stand out in some manner.

For outdoor weddings you can move the backdrop to the table (or move the table to backdrop) and utilize this decoration twice.

Or you can create almost a little room with a wooden structure and drapes, complete with a chandelier.

I love this little love seat for a vintage wedding, and it is a wonderful compliment to the aged table.

An elegant wedding could be completed with a curtain of light and this romantic table.

Antique doors are all the rage right now, and the rustic look is completed with burlap and antiqued furniture.

I really like the looks of this subtle, natural table complete with wooden chairs and herb garland.

This garden wedding table is also dreamy. Again they used the floral garland and the neutral cloth. Together with the chairs and dinnerware this table looks both natural and posh.

What is your wedding theme, and how do you plan to incorporate it into your table decoration? Wishing you a happily ever after!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Table Talk

Table décor is very important for typing together the ceremony and reception themes, especially if you use two separate venues.

 Silver, white, glitter, and light help to make give this reception an elegant feel.

Stellar dinnerware perfectly in place can also be a thing of beauty.

There are also many great ways to bring the outdoors in for those of you with outdoor weddings, but indoor receptions (like me!).

This round table displays nature's bounty in a fresh, yet elegant manner.

And these tables give you the feel of sitting outside beneath a shade tree.

Or use tall vases to give the tree effect with normal outdoor plants.

If your favors are greenery, you can even spruce the table up with them.

These are some of my absolute favorite table designs.

There are so many table décor options that I trust there is one perfect for you! May you have many meals in bliss!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Sweet Seats

Guests appreciate their seats while they eat their sweets, but you can also surprise them with style!

This long, modern table would be great for a elegant venue, if the space was available.

Another neat idea is to point all of the long tables toward the circular head table in the center.

Just for fun you could arrange all of the tables so that they spell XOXO.

Or simply in an XXX formation if it works better with the space available.

If you like to mix and match you can utilize different sizes and shapes.

Or you can make your own shape.

For a fun backyard outdoor wedding you could even utilize picnic blankets and wood pallets (which can commonly be found for free).

Whichever style suits your fancy, there are certainly many ways to offer your guests unique reception seating. May you have a happily ever after!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Sit in Style

Take a second to imagine the wedding from the guest's perspective...

So the Groom is at the altar and you are sitting in your seat, both awaiting the big event: the entrance of the Bride and the wedding ceremony. The sun (or harsh indoor lighting) is beating down upon your shoulders, your face, and second by second you are word down. You skooch to and fro, hither and yon, and just cannot get comfortable in your seat. Then at last! the ceremony begins and soon the Bride makes her big entrance. Everyone begins to stand, except for you, who in your uncomfortable position failed to notice that your leg has fallen asleep. Alas, you finally arrive at a vertical position, noting several other guests that are teetering from one foot to another, obviously sore from the unintentionally harsh and unrelenting chairs.

This is not a story that you want to play out in the minds of your guests! Even for short ceremonies, seating needs to be taken into consideration, especially when thinking about the older folks that may be in attendance.

This first option offers comfortable seating yet still gives the family a chance to throw in some of their style. However, you will likely need to borrow some comfy furniture to pull this off so you definitely need to ensure that you can transport the chairs with care.

For rustic weddings, hay bales may be abundant and fun. However, I have heard many people complain about scratchiness, so you make consider throwing a thick blanket over the top for comfort.

For a little bit more of a woodland wedding you could go with hay bales and wood boards. To add a little back support you could provide, or ask guests to bring bleacher seats.

For even more woodland inspiration you can use stumps instead of hay bales.

If you have some carpenter friends and some time to burn (wood humor :P) then you can DIY as many bench sets as you need. For added comfort you can make or borrow pillows for back and bum cushions.

If the other options are not feasible and your venue is difficult to transport a grand amount of large objects to, then regular folding chairs may be the option for you! Again, pillows can add some extra comfort, but the chairs already provide the back support- which is a welcome sight for most wedding guests. You can fancy them up with fabric or other decorations. Crepe paper is a favorite of mine for it's inexpensive cost and abundant uses.

If you do happen to have access to a large amount of matching beautifully cushioned chairs, then you may consider setting them up in a fun design.

What are some favorite seating arrangements that you have seen? Let me know in the comments and I will add them to the post! Wishing you a comfortable ever after!

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Beauty of Backdrops...Inside!

Just because they are indoors does not mean that they should be any less lovely there are so many gorgeous options for indoor backdrops.

If you really love some of the common outdoor options most of them can be transported indoors.

There are a lot more fabric opportunities indoors, such as this complicated beauty.

And you can spice it up with lights (another indoor advantage).

Or you can have a solid wall with flowers.

Or a breezy flower curtain.

The options are really limitless, so dream your dreams, and may you have a happily ever after!