Monday, August 15, 2016

Sweet Seats

Guests appreciate their seats while they eat their sweets, but you can also surprise them with style!

This long, modern table would be great for a elegant venue, if the space was available.

Another neat idea is to point all of the long tables toward the circular head table in the center.

Just for fun you could arrange all of the tables so that they spell XOXO.

Or simply in an XXX formation if it works better with the space available.

If you like to mix and match you can utilize different sizes and shapes.

Or you can make your own shape.

For a fun backyard outdoor wedding you could even utilize picnic blankets and wood pallets (which can commonly be found for free).

Whichever style suits your fancy, there are certainly many ways to offer your guests unique reception seating. May you have a happily ever after!

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