Monday, August 22, 2016

Table Talk

Table décor is very important for typing together the ceremony and reception themes, especially if you use two separate venues.

 Silver, white, glitter, and light help to make give this reception an elegant feel.

Stellar dinnerware perfectly in place can also be a thing of beauty.

There are also many great ways to bring the outdoors in for those of you with outdoor weddings, but indoor receptions (like me!).

This round table displays nature's bounty in a fresh, yet elegant manner.

And these tables give you the feel of sitting outside beneath a shade tree.

Or use tall vases to give the tree effect with normal outdoor plants.

If your favors are greenery, you can even spruce the table up with them.

These are some of my absolute favorite table designs.

There are so many table décor options that I trust there is one perfect for you! May you have many meals in bliss!

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