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If you are planning, or hope to be planning, a Spring wedding, then this blog is for you! Because we are currently in college, and have the financial status that corresponds with it, we are planning our own wedding (with the help of friends and family). This blog serves as my planner, and I will be posting my favorite ideas, and as we get closer to the actual date, our final decisions, and eventually the wedding.

A little about my wedding. I have always wanted to get married outdoors, and as I grew older I solidified Spring as my season of choice. I have always wanted to get married in or near the woods, and both my man and I have pretty huge extended families, so we are pretty comfortable with the idea that we will be having a big wedding.

  • Light Purple
  • Forest Green
  • Shades of Blue
  • White
  • Silver
Here's the kicker: $5,000. MAX. I am even hoping that we can keep the cost down to $3,000 with DIY and with the help of our wonderful family and friends.

I absolutely love to work on projects, and I have a craft blog here that you can follow if you like my wedding ideas. As it gets closer to the date, I will be posting my finalized DIY wedding projects here on Spring Wedding Fever, and the instructions and step by step pictures on my Boredom Free craft blog.

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