Monday, September 26, 2016

Vroom Vroom!

There is nothing like the sight of a classic getaway car zooming off into the distance to top off a beautiful day. If cars just aren't your thing, and you decide to just use your normal car, don't be disappointed. There are many ways for your loved ones to spruce up your set of wheels with glass paint, stickers, and the infamous tin can. :)

But if you decide to rent a hot rod (new or old), then here are a few of my favorite options. These beauties will steal the show, so buckle your belt, and off you go!

You could opt for a new sports car. Though there are plenty of them out there, you may have to pay a pretty penny to have one imported if they have not crossed the pond yet.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this lovely carriage. This option would be perfect for an area where automobiles do not fit or are not allowed.

Another option is the horseless carriage, like one of these models from the early years of automobiles.

A little bit newer, but still with that classy feel is this beauty.

Using an old truck would also be a fun vehicle to depart the scene in.

Moving up through the years we enter the age of the muscle car.

Enter the retro van.

And don't forget this Bug!

There are so many options for getaway cars, but whatever you choose- may it take you down the road of your happily ever after!

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