Monday, September 5, 2016

Who's Who?

Not that anyone needs name tags to figure out that the bride and groom are sitting at the head table, but the signs are adorable and I think this would be a cute addition to any head seats.

You have your classic 'Mr.' and 'Mrs.' signs, and there are plenty of renditions of this type of sign.

There is the simple '&' sign that leaves the obvious unspoken.

You can branch out a little and go with 'bride and groom' signs.

And there's always 'husband and wife'.

Or go full boar into fun phrases and sayings, like this ever popular 'better together' set.

Or this 'forever' set.

A slightly different, but entirely beautiful 'forever and always' set.

Followed closely by this 'One' and 'Only' set.

And you can use terms for one another that may go with your theme. For instance, if you have a nautical theme this 'Captain' and 'First Mate' set would be perfect.

I also love this Star Wars inspired set.

And of course this Harry Potter based set.

This song also offers a beautiful display of love.

And last, but not least, I certainly wish all of you a...

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