Monday, March 7, 2016

Shower Power

Bridal Shower Games
There's a few types of games that I have seen that I thought may be fun for me and the girls.
First, a game of chance. This is one of those tape-something-under-the-chairs-and-whoever-is-sitting-on-the-special-thing-wins sort of games. In this case, they prepared pieces of paper with tuxedos and glued the heads of famous men onto them, but one has the face of the groom. They tucked these papers into envelopes and distributed them on the table in front of every seat long before guests arrived. The individual who unknowingly sat in front of the groom paper wins.

This game would depend on knowledge of the bridge and groom, and the bride would make the answer key. But for those who don't know them both as well, this may be a fun game for them to learn a little about the couple before the big day.

The picture below explains the game, but I really think this would be fun as a reminder of memories that may have been forgotten. I forsee this game bringing up a lot of laughs!

These are always fun to get to know the Bride a little better.
bridal shower game idea, i would choose different words:

This game is kind of like the Price is Right, but specifically for the couple. Using various numbers related to the wedding, guests can guess if the numbers are high or low. I also love that you can get pretty creative with this also.

My Newest Bachelorette Party Game. Over or Under? Whats your best bet?:

Alright, so I am a Disney fan, and I think this is beautiful. If you and your ladies know Disney couples this would be an ideal game. However, if your shower will be attended by older women that may not know recent movies this game may not be fun for them.

And here is the key for when the game is done.


Scattergories is one of my favorite games, so naturally I am all in favor of a wedding-themed version. In this game, players have to come up with wedding related words starting with each of these letters, within a given time. Traditionally, if two people use the same word neither of them gets a point, but for larger crowds you could just have a point per word and the most points win.

Which game looks the most entertaining to you? Wishing you a happily ever after!

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