Monday, March 21, 2016

Much Up-do (About Something!)

I usually have my hair down, and I was blessed with hair that is mainly straight, with a gentle wave or two thrown in, so I don't usually have to do a lot with it. (I'm also pretty terrible at putting my hair up in anything but a pony tail). For my wedding I will have someone doing my hair, so this is my one shot for a fun up-do!

I like the look of this loose braid fitted into the bun.

updo wedding hairstyle idea; via Hair and Makeup By Steph:

This style is so polished, and GORGEOUS!

I really like the look of this braided chignon, and am glad that I wouldn't have to rely on my hair staying curly for it to look nice.

14 Cool Girl Hairstyles You Need To Try

What up-dos would you do? Happily ever after!

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