Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Won't You be my Bridesmaid?

This is almost as special a question as the one your fiancé asked you. These girls have stood beside you for other important moments in your life, but this is on a new level. These ladies are special, and many people recommend asking these girls in a special way, usually including a small gift.

This first idea doesn't really include a gift, but it's fun and unique--you get to "pop" the question! Plus, if you have to mail this, it will be light.


Small gift + fun wording = Perfect. And  you can either give them wedding colors or their personal faves.


Love the wording here: simple, but meaningful.

Love this. Instead of a necklace, I can make a bracelet in each of their favorite colors.


What are some of your ways to pop the question? May you have a happily ever after!

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