Monday, March 21, 2016

Plan B

Although I hope the wedding day will be one of those amazingly beautiful, sunshiny days, there's always the chance of a Spring shower. Just as a back-up plan I've been considering renting a tent for the ceremony.

For more information, check out this blog by a professional event planner detailing the tent-renting process.

Just clarify, this is a pole tent:

And this is a frame tent (notice that there are no poles inside the space):

To look for tent rentals in my region, I Googled "Wedding Tent Rental" + your location. I found a great local company, 20 minutes away that offers several sizes for a large variety of tents. Because I am worried about rain, but not necessarily temperature. I am leaning toward a clear top pole tent, with drapes that have windows. If it IS raining then guests can still see outside, and the natural feel is retained, plus rain drops on a clear top sounds really cool to me. If it is NOT raining, then we can pull back the drapes and the nature will be there, and the sun can still be seen in the sky above.

Searching for the perfect tent is pretty "in-tents" (intense)- ha! [Sorry about that, but it was necessary to go there]. May your happily ever after have a back-up plan, for the happiest of ever afters!

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