Monday, February 22, 2016

More Bling for Your Buck

Some helpful things to know about jewelers, and some deals that might make the sale.


For veterans:

  • Zales: The Diamond store offers a 10% military discount for past and present service members, but the deal does not apply to items already on sale
  • Helzberg Diamonds also offer a 10% discount for active members, select stores only
  • There are also several discount jewelry stores that offer discounts. Check out this list of more military wedding deals here.

Some added tips to getting a great deal on your rings:

  • Look for your ring before you're ready to buy, this gives you time to find your "dream ring" and then you will know better what stores you need to be watching for deals.(I had my eyes set on my ring for several months, and it was only available at Zale's. I talked with the associates at my local store and put the ring on layaway for it to wait until we could buy it during a double-sale weekend [which happened to be right before Valentine's Day].)
  • Certain times of the year are better for buying rings, and if you have a lot of time to work with for your engagement, you may want to save by doing your research.
    • June through August (a.k.a. the Wedding Season) may be wedding heavy, but it is also engagement light, so jewelers may be more flexible at this time.
    • Christmas deals can go either way, so before you go head over heels for what looks like a great deal, check it out first.
    • A lot of engagement rings go on sale around Valentine's Day, and this may be a good time to buy if you have a ring in mind.
  • Jewelers are often overpriced for a single band of metal, so when looking for his ring the best deals are online. Etsy is one of my favorite places for things like this. These online "Etsy shops" are under business regulations, and their items are usually unique and good quality. Other online places like Ebay and Amazon are decent as well, but they may not have the quantity or the quality.

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