Thursday, January 14, 2016

To-Die-For Dresses

Elegance. Flow. Shape. This dress has it all.
I really like how this dress has the appearance of wind-whipped flowers. Information here. ($5,000)

This is a lovely dress from Italian designer, Jillian, and you can find out more about it here.

I have never seen a style like this before, and it's gorgeous!

I love that this dress looks like cascading flowers, my only doubt is that it is only available in ivory. The dress comes from Enaura Bridal Couture and you can learn more about them here.

I only recently found this dress, but I really love it. My only qualms are that the only places that I can find it are and and both sellers ship them directly from China. I worry the quality may not be tops, but I may just be interested enough to find out one way or the other ;) (They have it for $168 here)

Classy Wedding Dress | Lace, Sweetheart, Modest, Rustic | Wanda Borges:

I really like the illusion back and this dress has nice floral elements throughout. This is the Calandra dress from Mon Cheri's Sophia Tolli collection. The dress ID number is Y11572 allowing you to easily find it online. For more pictures and information you can visit the site here.

I REALLY love this dress. The natural look of the lace flows gently into the flowy skirt, which is EXACTLY what I pictured. To make it even better, the id number of the dress is 116127, and 6 happens to be my favorite number, while 27 is my luck number--I think it's meant to be. The dress can be found at several different retailers, to find one nearest you go here.

Beautiful informal and Destination wedding dresses

I lay before you all my favorite dress. This is by an Israeli designer, Nurit Hen, and it's beauty translates to thousands of dollars, so this will only be my dress in my dreams, but I will always admire the beauty of this fabric. This dress is classified as 13-W-5. ($6,700)


As always, wising you a happily ever after!

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