Thursday, January 14, 2016

Game Day

So here's the thing, I like me some fun and games. I have seen so many good ideas for wedding games and bridal shower games (We'll get to these--I promise), but my favorite has got to be wedding party games.

Wedding Party Games

I have a couple bridesmaids that he doesn't know too well, and he has a groomsman that I have never met. On top of that, my friends don't know most of his friends and visa-versa. So...I think that a wedding party game day would be the perfect ice breaker before the wedding to get everyone on that friend level instead of just the acquaintance level.

Here are some fun pictures to give you some ideas:

This game is played by blindfolding the bride. Then, the groom and groomsmen line up and roll up their pant legs. The bride has to feel their calves and determine which belongs to her groom!

Bridal Shower Games
There's a few types of games that I have seen that I thought may be fun for me and the girls.
First, a game of chance. This is one of those tape-something-under-the-chairs-and-whoever-is-sitting-on-the-special-thing-wins sort of games. In this case, they prepared pieces of paper with tuxedos and glued the heads of famous men onto them, but one has the face of the groom. They tucked these papers into envelopes and distributed them on the table in front of every seat long before guests arrived. The individual who unknowingly sat in front of the groom paper wins.
This game would depend on knowledge of the bridge and groom, and the bride would make the answer key. But for those who don't know them both as well, this may be a fun game for them to learn a little about the couple before the big day.

The picture below explains the game, but I really think this would be fun as a reminder of memories that may have been forgotten. I forsee this game bringing up a lot of laughs!
Wedding Games
The wedding scene can get a little dreary if the only entertainment for them is watching the happy couple for a few hours of their Saturday. I hope to play some fun, interactive games with the guests to get everyone laughing and having fun, and maybe even mingling and meeting new people!
 As a little outdoor game while waiting for the wedding party, guests can play corn hole.

This is a game played throughout the reception, and I think setting a time frame (i.e. pins will be tallied at 2pm at the back of the room) would be beneficial to keep order and to make sure the winners are still around when prizes are given.
The next game is fun for using the bride and groom as entertainment. Having them play a game similar to the one at the bridal shower, but just the two of them answering questions. Both the bride and groom remove the shoes (or bring a separate pair of shoes that clearly feminine or manly). Each of them holds one manly shoe and one feminine shoe, then when the question is asked, they answer by raising either their own shoe or their spouses. For example, the question is "Which of you likes the smell of fresh grass?" And if the answer is "The Bride," then they would both raise her shoe.

Here's a list of sample questions:

I introduce to you the Wheel of Fun! Throughout the reception, guests can spin the wheel and the players follow the directions of whatever spot the ticker lands on.

Last, but most amazing, is my idea for a fun little game that will start during the ceremony and carry on through the reception. I have no particular theme to my wedding, but there are a lot of things that I would like to include in the ceremony, and decorations that give respect to certain movies, books, and pieces of both mine and Alec's childhood. I'm going to call these "Shout Outs." For example, I am a big Harry Potter fan and want to include some little details in the wedding, like wands holding together my bouquet, and a Deathly Hallows pendant in the flowers. Little things like this will be hidden throughout the ceremony and in decorations at the reception for:
  • Harry Potter
  • Percy Jackson
  • Captain America
  • Chronicles of Narnia
  • Disney
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Spies
  • Dinosaurs

What's your favorite game for your happily ever after?

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