Thursday, January 7, 2016


Popsugar offers a wonderful Wedding Registry Checklist here. also has an App that can scan barcodes and find the store where the item is the cheapest.

Here is a handy chart to figure how many gifts you should have within each price range depending on the number of wedding guests.

Being aware of the goodies that are offered can also be of help:
  • Crate and Barrel sends new registrants a gift and also offers them free save-the-dates!
  • Bed Bath & Beyond has select brands that send you gifts when guests purchase their brand from your registry. Check out their Freebook for more information.
  • Kohl's also does something similar. You can check their special brands here.
Some stores also offer you discounts (completion offers) to purchase the items left on your registry
If you have duplicate items from Amazon and they are all going the same place, you can talk to their Customer Service department and waive the shipping fee for all but one of each item if you follow these directions.

Are there any more deals you have heard of? Wishing you a happily ever after!

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