Friday, January 15, 2016

Tasty Treats

I mainly like this idea because the pretzels would add a German touch. However, when I showed them this picture both the groom and my own mother shot it down.
Next up is the hot cocoa bar which looks like fun, but may not be fitting with the season. 
I present to you the coffee bar, I just love this idea. Sadly, I cannot have much dairy, and some people do not like coffee, so...
Coffee AND DOUGHNUT bar! If they don't like coffee then we can also offer milk, orange juice, and water. If they don't like doughnuts with glaze then we can offer cinnamon sugar, plain, and filled. I love doughnuts so I am about 98% for this treat bar!
This last idea, I think is my favorite. I tend to like sweets more than the average person, so having a sandwich bar will give everyone the opportunity to eat healthy if they wish and to eat savory or sweet, because I will have cinnamon raisin bread and honey.

I like the idea of having popcorn because it is portable, easy to DIY, and comes in a variety of flavors. As an added bonus, guests can keep the pretty (and ever popular) mason jars.

The idea of having miniature pies would also be perfect! I love pies and could bake them all myself, and I could also have several varieties to suit everyone's fancy :)

Wishing you a tastily ever after!

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