Monday, October 17, 2016

Guest Sign-In

Making sure you thank everyone who came can be a hard task, but guest books are here to help. Traditionally, the sign-in procedure has been pretty simple. Find the book. Write your name (and sometimes address). But let's be honest, the guest book is going to be closed after your ceremony, shoved in a box or on a shelf, and probably won't be reopened for decades following the thank-you process.

So, to make sure that your guest book doesn't go to waste, here are some fun alternatives that bring the guest book to life.

If you want to stay traditional with a book, you can spice it up with pictures and quotes. Books like this are simple to make with Shutterfly. The basic 8 x 8 size starts around $15.99 plus shipping and tax, but to this day I have never paid full price for any of these books. Shutterfly constantly runs sales, so you can check here to see what deals they currently have available.

If you want something a little bit different, you may like the sign guest sign-in. These are great for offering plenty of space, but being decorative enough to display.

One of my favorite ideas is to showcase nature, and one of the most popular nature options is signing a tree. This choice is both decorative and fun.

A little bit more interactive is having guests stamping and signing leaves on the tree. You can either buy a leaf stamp, or simply have guests use their fingers, as shown in this picture.

Another great idea is signing rocks, which can be beautifully displayed in a large jar.

Signing a vintage globe would be really fun and unique, and this would be a great decorative addition to any room.

Another vintage idea is this library-inspired sign-in. Guests can leave any sort of message for the happy couple and then place it in alphabetical order based on content.

Having a date idea jar is another interactive idea.

Finally, using polaroids would be a fun and interative way for guests to document their attendance. As an added bonus, you can send guests their fun selfies in the thank you cards.

These sign-ins are so fun and simple that the hardest part is choosing your favorite. Wishing you all a snappily every after!

(Polaroid pun intended!)

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