Monday, June 6, 2016

To Top It All Off

Cake toppers often enhance the look of the cake and also serve to add a pop of the couple's personality.

Some stay traditional with the well behaved bride and groom figurines.

Others like meaningful words written as for royalty.

I personally, like the pretty wire letters.

Or even better, little wire people.

And when you start looking at the animals there are a lot of cute options. I like the idea of love birds.

But his favorites, on the other hand, usually revolve around whales. Like these belugas.

Or these blue whales.

And he really likes these orcas (killer whales).

And as a side note. He also has a fetish for these painted dinos.

There are so many different cake toppers to choose from, giving every couple the opportunity to find the perfect set for them - to top it all off! Wishing you a whale of a good time!

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