Monday, June 20, 2016

Ring Shots

There are so many artful ways to display the beauty of his and her rings. Other than showcasing them on fingers, photographers can capture their personalities and yours with a variety of props.

I love the natural look of rings with flowers, and this is a great way to arrange the shot.

You could also use sticks and other outdoorsy items as props.

For a beach themed wedding, there is an array of ocean props to use alongside your rings.


Photographers can also pose your ring with your shoes, and I really love that this is a silhouette shot.

Or you can incorporate other pieces of your wedding attire.


For other book lovers like me, you can capture your little beauties inside the pages of a favorite book

Or you can show your love of music by displaying your treasures with your favorite instrument.


What are some of your favorite items that you can photograph with your little beauties? May you have a snappily ever after!

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