Monday, July 4, 2016

Gifts for the Gals

After all that they have been to you, and all of the ways that they have helped you through the wedding process, these ladies need to be gifted. And they should receive some gifts of gratitude also!

I've had a few ideas for gifts, but these are my favorites.

Idea #1: jewelry.

Specifically charm necklaces. Here's an example from Bauble Bar.

Idea #2: Bottles stuffed with stuff

Monographed thermoses, coffee mugs,
And water bottles galore
Stuffed with love and hugs
And goodies from the store!

I have seen so many ideas involving drinking containers filled with her favorite things. The idea can even be replicated to use for groomsmen gifts as well!

Idea #3: Bags

B is for Bags
B is for Big Bags
B is for Baby Bags
B is for Beautiful Bags
B is for bags, Bags, BAGS!

Tote bags are fun because you can stuff other goodies inside and they can use them time and again. Plus, it's fairly simple to DIY monogram these bad boys so you can add a lot of personal touches.

Also, if you're handing with the needle and thread, personalized clutches would be a fun project. Using fabrics and colors that your ladies like, as well as monogramming could easily be done with these gifts.

Other popular ideas include robes, clothing, earrings, hangers, and themed jars. Or you can create unique gifts for each of your gals, tailored to each of their personal interests. Whichever path you choose, I am sure you will find your happily ever after!

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